TRACK NAME: Someday Out of the Blue
ALBUM TITLE: Road To El Dorado
ARTIST: Elton John

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl whose stepmother always made her stay home with the baby. And the baby was a spoiled child, and wanted everything for himself, and the young girl was practically a slave. But what no one knew is that the king of the goblins had fallen in love with the girland he had given her certain powers. So one night, when the baby had been particularly cruel to her, she called on the goblins for help! “Say your right words,” the goblins said, “and we’ll take the baby to the Goblin City. And you will be free.” But the girl knew that the king would keep the baby in his castle for ever and ever and ever, and turn it into a goblin.

 Seijuro Mikoshiba & Gou Matsuoka

I love Mikoshiba, he is just adorable! Look at him just so happy to see Gou! Not pushy but kind and sweet.


another OTP kiss

Sorry if you’re bored of these two but too bad i won’t stop so yea im actually not sorry